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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Single Stream Recycling – A Mixed Recyclables System

One of the biggest issues with collecting recyclables is that they must be sorted. This drives up collection costs and is one of the main reasons many people do not recycle. It’s simply too time-consuming to separate news print, cardboard, office paper, tin, aluminum, glass, and plastic into individual containers. In order to eliminate the need to sort recyclables before they are collecting, Green Machine® has refined the most efficient method of recycling: Single Stream Recycling.

The Green Machine® Single Stream Recycling system uses state of the art technology to automatically separate the recyclables, removing the need for this to be done manually. Recyclables are first placed into large metering bins that hold huge amount of items. They are fed into a presort line that removes all of the plastic bags via a system of pneumatic collection tubes. Large ridged plastic items and other large pieces that cannot pass through the single stream recycling equipment are also removed.

The next step in the Single Stream Recycle process is OCC Screening. Here, bulky cardboard is removed first. Next, the system uses glass breaker screens to filter out glass. Finally, fibers are automatically separated from containers as the materials are passed over News and Polishing Screens.

What makes the Single Stream Recycling system so effective is that it makes use of a number of different methods to sort materials. Magnets, optical container sorters, aluminum eddy current systems, and ballistic air separators are all utilized to quickly separate the various recyclables. Once sorted and cleaned, similar recyclables are baled into compacted cubes or placed into shipping containers to be shipped to domestic or overseas markets.

The patent-pending system created by Green Machine® is unparalleled in the area of mixed recyclables. The company’s dedication to building the recycling industry’s most durable and efficient equipment for the lowest upfront capital expense can be seen once again in the technology developed for the Single Stream Recycling equipment.

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